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How do foreigners live in Tajikistan?
How do foreigners live in Tajikistan?
The partner of Open Asia Online, Asia-Plus, in its special project Migrant, says that foreign citizens in Tajikistan cannot buy real estate, adopt children, and even cannot marry locals. And that’s not all.
Категории:    1.6.2020 12:46
Hollywood screenwriters will make two historical films about Bulgaria
Hollywood screenwriters are working on historical films about Tsar Kaloyan and Tsar Boris III . Films will be shot in Bulgaria with the participation of Bulgarian actors.
Категории:    1.6.2020 11:59
Sofia is the best city to live in Bulgaria
In Bulgaria, a vote was held for the title "Best City for Life", in which for the third year in a row they chose Sofia, the capital of the republic.
Категории:    1.6.2020 11:58
Where to buy meat in Portugal?
I want to note right away that I am writing about Porto. In the suburbs and in other areas of Portugal, prices may vary. Most of all I like to buy meat at Talho - the so-called Portuguese butcher shop.
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:53
Families of Yemen: Features and Traditions
If we talk about the statistics of divorces and marriages, then the numbers are not particularly pleasant. Divorces become commonplace even in those states where they adhere to the strictest views on the family account and are carefully treated as family
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:41
The mentality of Latvians
It is believed that Latvia is a singing country. “Why was she so nicknamed?” You ask. Perhaps because of its picturesque landscapes, which simply amaze not only with their amazing beauty.
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:32
Ways to get Libyan citizenship
Obtaining Libyan citizenship is regulated by the Law on Citizenship of Libya No. 17 of 1954 and Law No. 3 of 1979.
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:25
Munich - the beer capital of the world
Where is the beer capital of the world? Almost everyone will answer this question in Germany, but not everyone will give a more accurate answer: in Munich!
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:18
How to become a citizen of Guyana
The full name of the state of Guyana is the Cooperative Republic of Guyana. It is located on the coast of South America from the northeast side.
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:12
Music against the disease
How does a person feel when they learn that he is seriously ill? How does he manage to find strength in order to live, fight, write music?
Категории:    1.6.2020 09:06
Life in Portugal. Advantages and disadvantages.
Portugal is a European country, but with all this there are its own special laws and preferences. You can easily highlight the positive and negative aspects of living here.
Категории:    1.6.2020 08:56
Cemeteries of Paris. Pere Lachaise, Montmartre, Saint Genevieve de Bois
Paris cemeteries are the same attraction in the French capital as the Louvre Museum, Champs Elysees or the Palace of Versailles ...
Категории:    1.6.2020 08:52
Wedding according to Libyan traditions and customs
The wedding begins with the construction of a tent (hema) in the groom’s house. As a rule, it is arranged in the courtyard of the house. Tables, carpets, chairs and other «banquet» things are brought there. If there is no such courtyard or there are a lot
Категории:    1.6.2020 08:47

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